Financial hardship prayer

I had same financial hardship in the past,and it was really a difficult task for me.I had my prayer request added on this page hoping God to take control of my situation,and in less than 48 hours,my prayer yielded good result.

I had contact with a Christan financial officer who approved me some cash loan which I used to clear off my debts and pay my bills.To GOD be the Glory.If you need more info on how to contact the Christan Loan Officer,email me right away at [email protected] ,and I would keep you posted.I fear disclosing his details here for fear of hackers and impersonators.

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  1. Need help

    Dear Lord… help us out of our time of severe financial hardship and health problems.

    You are the great healer and provider. Please lead us out pain and into greener pastures. In Jesus’ Precious Name. AMEN.

  2. Help

    I’m battling depression,I’ve fallen out with the people I love and my family and I are under so much financial stress.I feel like god has deserted me.Im a good person who has lost his way.
    Please pray for me and my family because we’ve nothing else.

  3. I want to witness your miracles Jesus!

    Dear God, Dear Jesus son of God. I thank you for all my blessings , such as my family, my kids, my health, my job. You know that I am a hard worker, you more than anyone know that I will do anything for my children. Please help see the light to clear all my debts and have the clarity to provide my children without anxiety . I will be the best contributor to Pastor Miguel whom I believe you sent yo us to guide us. Please bless him and his family, please bless me and my family with the opportunity to clear all debts since I have learned my lessons.Thank you father !

  4. Help

    Father God

    I dnt have any where else to look things are really hard
    I can’t pay for my car. My kids school and in debt.. My husband is in debts. a
    It feels like we are cursed he doesn’t work. Lord please bless him with a job and us with financial breakthrough.

    Oh God we need thee

  5. God is working thru the storm

    Heavenly father i thank you for another day journey im sorry for my sins in jesus name father God i know you are aware of our situtation father God thru your son jesus christ im just asking for this fiancical blessing lord in jesus name amen.

  6. God is working thru the storm

    Heavenly father i thank you for another day journey im sorry for my sins in jesus name father God i know you are aware of our situtation father God thru your son jesus christ im just asking for this fiancical blessing lord in jesus name amen.

  7. God is working thru the storm

    Heavenly father i thank you for another day journey im sorry for my sins in jesus name father God i know you are aware of our situtation father God thru your son jesus christ im just asking for this fiancical blessing lord in jesus name amen.

  8. Prayer

    Father I come to you on bended knees asking you to guide me through this financial storm. I’ve been without a job for almost a year and the struggle to take care of my kids is getting harder.. I’m not asking for riches I just want to take care of our necessities… I’ve applied for so many jobs and I’m just asking that you place me in one so I can continue to take care I my kids. Lord I know you are in the blessing business and I know this storm will pass.

    Lord hear my cry

  9. Prayer to God

    Dear God thankyou for the gift of life. I ask for pardon for all the sins I have committed. God I ask you to rescue me from the financial hardships I am currently faced with. Amen.

  10. Help Lord

    Lord I humbly come to you. As a sinner Lord I may not be worthy of what I am about to ask, My Lord I am seriously struggling .I have lost my home and Lord I have two wonderful kids in university that are doing there best under the circumstances. Lord I have made numerous effort to bounce back but to no avail.
    Open a way for us Lord so we can take care of our daily responsibilities.. I am not asking for riches, Just enough to fulfill our
    needs, food, clothing and a home ..If it is your will Lord grant it to me. If it not your will give me the strength to endure. Amen

  11. Hardship all direction

    Dear Heavenly Father:
    I am asking for your favor and blessings on my life and my families life in very davastating sistuation. You name it we are going through it. I am getting discouraged and loosing hope. I am tried of the continued roller coaster I am on never seems to stop. I was asked on by my earth father’s death bed to promise I would take care of my mother. In my eyes I am failing miserably. My mother is struggling with health issues which In turn resulted in me leaving my job to care for my mother. We need a finacial windfall to get out of debt. These burdens I am lifting up to you . Am I wrong to question why some have it easy while others have their lives in termoil over and over like waves crashing into them.
    Thank You
    In Jesus Name Amen

  12. Storm

    Lord here my prayer as I am struggling when it rains it pours why do I feel i am being tested with every storm I go through and how I am going to handle this situation I ask for guidance, strength, and a huge breakthrough. Please bless us with a financial blessing as we are drowning in debt that seems near impossible to come up for air. Lord here my prayer. Amen

  13. Prayers for my family to survive this hardship

    Heavenly Father,

    A special prayer request for my family. I am a single parent and we are struggling with everything. I have 3 jobs but still cannot make ends meet because of the financial situation my ex-husband left us in. I have forgiven him for what he left us with. We do not even have enough for food and gas, let alone my mortgage and car payment. I am way overdue on a timing belt for my car and, if that goes, I will have no car to drive. I have always persevered and have two beautiful teenage sons, one of whom is considering the priesthood. I am so afraid of our situation but am trying to trust. I do not want to have to file bankruptcy. Please pray that we can just have enough to pay our bills. I have always been frugal and want just a simple life.

  14. lord help me

    Lord I ask you in the name of Jesus that you help my financial situation,I pray that you’re in my favor lord,please help them see my struggles lord and you give them sympathy to help me,I am in a very bad situation because my husband abandoned me and left me with but an eviction to deal with on my own,now i am living in a rundown motel and i am trying to find financial help to provide a home for means my companion,so in the name of i put it in your hands lord…….AMEN!!!

  15. Financial Help

    Dear God,
    You more than anyone knows our financial struggles! Please help us get our home modification… Please help our $ stretch. I know we created our own mess and were careless but you know we didn’t keep the money for ourselves and we shared with others! Dear God, please shine some light in our bank account and help us they this difficult time, for our children and for our peace of mind! You are first in my heart! Amen

  16. I give it all to you....

    Heavenly Father,
    Here I am, once again. In a rut as usual. After our big move across the world, it seems as though the World itself is crashing around me. I got a job, hubby doesn’t make enough. I pray that we would be able to find some common ground that we can make our budget and stick to it (hubby and I). I seem to have no issues eating PB & J’s everyday but he somehow needs elaborate accomodations that are sending us right down the tubes. Please, God, speak to his heart and show him the enormity of the situation and that it is causing his family distress. I know money is not everything, but I am terrified of what the future holds for our family. I pray that some relief would be released off of our shoulders God, and that we could see clearly after this and let there not put ourselves in this situation ever again. I hand it all over to You. I trust You, and I will try to place all of my trust in You. Thank You for life and please forgive me of my sins. I know I am not worthy of Your love.

  17. lord i need u

    Lord am ask u to help me clear up this debt this bill lord I just want to b debt free lord am asking n Jesus name

  18. Prayer of Hope

    Please Dear God I pray that I may be able to fill all my obligations that i have given my word to and pry that I may improve our financial obligations. Times are hard and my obligations seem harder and harder to meet. Give me piece of mind and hope that times will turn around for me and my family and be ever mindful and thankful for our blessings each day.

  19. Is this a scam from Jeanne

    Hello Crystal and how are you.

    My whole situation started when I got bankrupted as a result of my divorce with my husband in Honolulu, Hawaii.I had bad credits and nobody local was willing to help me off my financial mess at that point in time.Banks and payday turned down my requests,and I was left all alone frustrated after my experience with some scam loan firm,unknowingly to me that ripped me off on different occasions.

    My curiosity and anxiety led me to contact a Loan company online as I was directed by an Uncle of mine,Morris Hollified,an Engineer that was transferred to Africa by his Firm ( Exxon Mobil ),to carry out a specified oil spillage clean up in the Niger Delta area.

    The Loan Company which is a subsidy of one of the Local African Oil Spillage Clean Up Agency,was primarily set up to help the local citizens of the crude oil spillage areas.The company have catchment operational areas in Texas,USA,Kualar Lumpur Of Malaysia,New Delhi Of India,London,of United Kingdom,Pretoria Of South Africa and Lagos,Benin and Abuja of Nigeria.Each zones have different requirements as to if your loan would be approved.The only option my uncle had was to link me up to the Africa operational suburb area which gives out loans irrespective of your credit history,(unlike their Texas suburb which don’t give loans to bad credit loan seekers,and other difficult related requirements,because they think here in the USA,everybody are rich,and because of the increase fraud rate in the American lending industry and as such must meet all up),very little documentation,and requirements.

    All these they did locally until their attention captivated the International community,especially here in the USA suburbs and other EUROPE and ASIA suburbs,and their financial upliftment role was not just focused only to the oil spillage area citizens,but also to International financial help seekers.They give out loans (around certain amounts actually) even with bad credit,5% as interest and a token 3% of your loan fee charged(or may be less than that) and some other needed requirements which you Must provide.

    Though some hackers and impersonators are trying to jeopardize their efforts by faking up their identities,they still try to leave a landmark of support and legitimacy in the international world,and this I have tasted from.

    To God be the Glory that after my past experience,I still found a God-sent legitimate loan source that (within) 24 hours,gave my life a sudden financial uplift.So whats your take on this? Do you mind working with Loan firm? All they need is your Trust and everything would be effected smoothly.So Crystal,what do you think and what are your plans?


  20. Dear Lord Hold My Hand

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I ask for your help in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, we are struggling & my prayers are for a blessing to help us get out of this financial hardship. Since the divorce I’ve been a single mom of these two beautiful boys & this is so much harder than I thought it would be. I’m just trying to keep my head above water & I lose sleep every night thinking about bills & pray at the checkout that the transaction will be approved for groceries. Dear Lord, please help us. I’m sorry that I’m not good at not worrying and trusting that all will be okay as you walk through life with me holding my hand. I cry a lot.
    Dear Lord, if it’s your will, please bless us to get out of this financial hardship & help me to stay focused & thankful for the many blessings you continue to give me, the most important being my beautiful boys. Lord please give me strength to get through this and help me to not be edgy under this stress & to not let it show up in my daily life with my kiddos. Please help me to breath easier.
    Lord, hold my hand as your will be done. Amen.

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