Financial Debt Prayer

by Anna ()

Dear Father, I have had my business for 6 years and every year I stay with the hope that I will sell it and get back the money that my husband and I have invested. My business has failed and my husband and I can no longer pay the rent and I owe a great deal of money.

Please Father help me see light at the end of the tunnel. I have another year before my building lease has finished. In the meantime I pray and ask for guidance from you to make the right decisions and get out of my depression so that my boys can have a mother that can smile again when I look into their eyes instead of crying with fear and sadness. Please Father, fill the agents heart with compassion and understanding when I have to email and let him know that I cannot pay my rent this month.

I pray for people to walk in and place orders and buy. Most of all I pray for the union of my marriage to be strengthened for I have grown apart from my husband. I love you father and please forgive me for my sins, I need your guidance right now and forever. Amen