financial breakthrough urgently needed

Dear Father in Heaven, I come to You in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ. I pray for a miraculous inflow of finances to help me and my husband to get through this financial crises. Father, I admit to being a sinner and I ask for Your forgiveness, I ask that You forgive my impatience and Impulsivity that has caused most of my financial issues. Lord help me to obtain the funds so that we can pay our rent, school fees and car payments. Father God, all these are at risk of being taken away from us. Father God, I see the effect my poor financial stewardships has on my children. Please forgive me, I have been so ignorant and have now learnt my lesson. Father help me to turn my situation around and I pray that it is not too late. You know my heart and nothing is hidden from You. I pray that as I am in partnership with You through my tithes, I pray Your blessing upon it, I pray that it will be used effectively in Your Kingdom for the purposes that You want it to be used for. Father, heal my money issues, help me to believe and to have faith that You are in control. Heavenly Father I give You all the honour and the praise for You are Sovereign. Help my faith Father as I wait on Your Hand to move in my situation. Amen

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