Financial breakthrough, new job abroad,promotions in life and in job

by Pauline (Hackensack NJ U.S.A)

Dear Jesus,

I am praying for the sick, those who are unable to work because there sick, physically,mind,spiritual bondage and any other kind of sickness relive them Father.

I am praying for a Better Job outside the country, for promotions and favour in life and work for me and my families.

Financial break through so that I may be able to fulfil my obligations and look after my family.

I am praying for forgiveness for every wrong I have ever done and for grace to understand Gods ways so I may flourish in Gods world.

For my mother who is looking to serve her country please God accord her this privilege and guide her every thought.

My son who is struggling with concentration in school and his listening and skills, mold him father. For his innocence to be preserved together with all the children of this world.

My sister and her bondage father deliver her.
All this through Christ our lord Amen.