Financial breakthrough for my Daughters’ healthcare

by Tessa (Cali)

Gracious Lord, it is from you that all good gifts flow. I come to you in need of financial assistance for my eldest childs healthcare. We received news that she has a tumor in her brain that is active. The doctors have run tests and scheduled appointments for her to get a handle on this. I thank you in advance for placing knowledgeable Doctors over her care. I believe and know that you are the ultimate Physician and that her healing is in your hands. However, as we proceed forward, the bills from the ER visit and scheduled appointments are adding up as well as what will be the bill from her impending surgery. I ask you Father for coverage in this area as only you can. I am a Single parent and my only hope is in you as it has always been since you blessed me with my two children. You have always been our provider. I thank you now Father, that every bill is covered from now until her surgery and any additional bills there after in the limitless name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen

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