financial breakthrough and windfall

by Zakia (UK)

My name is Zakia. Please I need prayer for financial breakthrough and windfall and job.

I am just been graduate in business and enterprise management in BA (Hons) but having difficulty getting a job and due lack of experience but also due to have baby in 3month and having difficult to meet my need as have debt from my student loan to repay overpayment and loan from government to meet my need and rent bill only live in 130 every two weeks and i have to contribute rent and council tax and other bills.

So i decide to start my own business with jobcentre but only thing that hold m back its the capital. as I do not want to take a loan and i already have my student loan overpayment to pay back and rent and other and food and its really hold me on my neck and i cant sleep thing how i am going to do with another baby on the way.

Please for god to assist me with financial breakthrough and financial windfall, financial blessing and get job as welll. so can start my own business.

I wanr to thank the LORD for fullfil my dream come true as I wanted to be educated and graduate from University as God has answer me as today I am the first person in my familly been graduate from Uni.
I thank the Lord for never let me down or put me into shame , as his always assist me with my needs and lead me.
Thank you all for your support and for assisting me prayer God blesses you aall and give you all the strenght and wisdom continue in praying for other for their life to be strenghtning.

Thank you