Financial breakthrough and spiritual blessings

by Catherine (Nairobi Kenya Africa)

Thanks friend for taking the time to pray for me and to believable with me that GOD will do it.The bible say when God bless he adds not sorrow.Lost a son last year who was God fearing loving and serving God saved and looked delivered baptized with and had gone through bible study and graduated with excellent grades.

Since then my spiritual life was affected badly and my business even worse now i m in debt and asking God to intervene.
It is my prayer that anyone who is sad and in situation like mine God will see them through.
My son committed suicide he was a musician and music didn’t succeed he tried business didn’t work he fell sick and Gave up then killed himself.
He went to church Sunday as usual then morning glory money and Tuesday Wednesday he was missing Thursday received call about his death.
So is my prayer that God will visit those who have reached their end before this kind of thing happens .
Is sad to see Christian suffering when non believer are making it big time .
It is confusing when the bible say God bless and add no sorrow but one go through endless pain even killed them self and leave other like me to suffer form the pain daily.
A time i even wonder if Jesus and the the blood is real or if the God in Christianity real works or is like gamble where it may happen by good luck nothing sure.IS SAD it really is

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