Financial Breakthrough

by Anthony ()

almighty father, in the name of jesua christ our savior, and through the intercession of the blessed virgin mary. please pray for me, as i seek forgiveness of all my sins, negligenc3s and transgressions of my past life. i must admit that i am a sinner, since boyhood till present. please have pity on me and look of our situation. shower me and my family abundant mercy and grace so i may able to receive rhe financial blessings nor the the wealth, so i and my family will able to start helping the needy, the poor, the sick and the less fortunate.
please pray to all of our great ancestors sins, negligences and transgressions of their past life, so rhe curses the caused us much whole life would be cut and never continue to rhe next generation.
please pray for our myth in life, for good fortune, good future of my children, good health and for our dreams. please pray for my 60th birthday on september 14,2021.also pray for my social security system retirement pension. please send the holy spirit, and all the angels and saints, to keep my account with this agency intact, in order and keep my account from harm, any trouble, conflict or problem. lord god almighty, please pray for my pending hard earned commission thst i am seeking for. send also the holy spirit, all the angels and saints, as to keep this from anymore delay, any trouble, any conflict, any problem and from any tax, as i compromise to share and to help the sick lovely empleo & our caretaker.
pray for son jeremias application and of his desires to work and migrate in canada with family. shower my son wisdom and courage whenever he gets these in canada. help, guide him, confort him and keep him from any harm, danger, from evil doer, from any plot. pray for our daughter in law of her attitude, and pray for our grandchild carlos good future, good life and good health. lord god, please pray for my friends ela, denis, butch ,jerusa and john and the credit operating team personnel to work together as one until the account of my client officially book and turnover.

all of these requests, in the powerful name of jesus, amen. 🙏🙏🙏

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