Financial Breakthrough

by Mampho ()

I have come today to ask for prayer, I need a financial miracle, i need a breakthrough in my finances. i messed up, i accumulated more debts i shouldnt have, i failed to buy anything valuable, now i am in trouble and i need God’s help. i have all these years leaned on my own understanding, everytime i faced a money problem i solved it my own way, i realise i had been stupid, God so many times rescured me but i was too focused on my wisdom now i realise that indeed He had sent help many times but did not receive it because i was selfish, self centred and religious. i would ask for promotion instead of inviting Him to my finances, thinking it would be solution.

I am now left with only 20% of my salary, i have two kids and i cant function, it is a very embarrassing situation for me because i cannot even point one thing important but my payslip is a disgrace so what i need now is a prayer for a ridiculous financial miracle before the end of this month as i have bills to pay. also pray for husband elevation.

i also need financial breakthrough, in this way, God gives me a complete new start.


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