Financial blessings enough to pay all my debts.

by Mary (Philippines)

Almighty father I am so tired to cope of everything my long overdue bank loan and I’m afraid it is now in the process of foreclosure of my property. I ask for your divine mercy to guide me the best thing to do to save our house. I am sorry for I always seem to pull away from you Lord and do my own thing. I know I made mistakes in my decision and disobey you. I know I have to suffer the consequences of my wrong doing. I repented so much of all my bad actions. Lord Please hear me I can’t do anything wihtout your help. Guide me to the right way to solve my financial problem and to bless for more income in our business enough to pay off all our debts. I want to be debt free and I ask for the gift of righteousness. I am full of anxiety and fear if my sisters and brothers will know all my indebtedness and wrong doing. I don’t want to be a burden to them for they have given me so much. Just like you Lord you are so kind to me and yet I failed to show my love to you. In the name of jesus please help me. Amen

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