Financial Blessings and Money Blessings

by Renee ()

I come in the name of Jesus , I need too confess Me not handlining Money they way I should andit keeps leaving My hand quick, , I ask for Prayer too Our Heavenly Father, who Kno i am a True Giver and I made mistakes with Money and I totally aware of it , but Im always giving and doing for others, and helping because I Trust in a Universal Laws of Giving , and some of where im at with little money and max out credit cards is my responsibilty, but it was My first time and I used my credit cards because I My checks was going on bills , Tithes and charity, grandkids but not Me, but I really will like a another chance too have a contiinous flow of abundance in My life too Enjoy for My Purposes as Well s others I Truly Learned My lesson and I will like a Better relationship with finances and Money and I thank You for expected sources of Divine Flow I am Worthy and Deserving of It , iinJesus Mighty and Powerful Name , and so it is!!! Thank You in advance!!!

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