Financial blessings

by Kathryn ()

I am a single mama, who had my right leg amputated and my left hip reconstructed and replaced a year ago. My 3 daughters are absolutely amazing! I need prayer! Bills have been piling up and my 19 yr old has a dairy allergy, my 14 yr old has celiacs disease which means her body cannot tolerate gluten or wheat, and my 12 yr old daughter is allergic to fructose and the price of food is so high!! I just turned 40, on S.S.I. (Social Security Income) and we get $15 a month in foodstamps and im trying so hard to figure out how to make sure we have good, healthy meals but have to go without paying a bill to do so. Every month i go without paying a bill so i can put food on the table, which of course i end up playing the “catch up game” so ive fallen behind. Im scared, don’t know what to do but feel like God doesn’t hear my crying out for him! My car is broken, and im unable to go back to work yet. Please send prayers, i feel like this is my last place to turn.. My little family really needs a financial blessing!! My mama is needing prayer also because shes depressed and has become a hoarder and she seems like physically she is getting Ill and that scares me so much also!! I try so hard to help everyone I can. I smile from the moment i wake up til bedtime.. Hiding my fears from the world. Please Lord protect my family!! Thank you!

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