Financial blessing

by Eutrice (Toronto. Canada)

Please I ask that you pray for me. I am going to Retire I won’t be able to pay off my Credit card bills it over $30.000.00. I ask for loan and I was turn down. I am a Single parents I help me Adult children and family back in my country. Now I am the one paying the price.

I can’t eat as I want, I same times I go without food. I want to close all the Credit card but it have to be paid before I do so. I am too much of a giving person. My relative alway so needed want this or that.

Why god make me so I just don’t know why. Now no one there to help me the Interest of these Credit card is so high it like I not pay anything. I need your prayers please for I to be bless. Financially to pay my bills have food to eat pay my Ithes and so on. I still have faith in god. I blame no one but myself i should know when to say no.. Thank you god bless you all.

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