Financial Blessing for My Mom with her Battle for Cancer

(Kentucky and Florida)

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for giving my mother and this family strength to endure her battle with cancer. Prayer is amazing, and without your healing hand she would not be getting through this so graciously. I know we have a long road ahead, but with you on her side, we can move mountains therefore cancer can be healed! Right now she is in desperate need of a financial blessing to take care of her home, and make it to/from treatment. We’ve applied for her disability, and government assistance and we are just waiting for a response as to if she was approved. Rent is due today, and even she is short the rent amount. Heavenly father, I come to you as humbly as I know how, first thanking you for your many blessings. And asking you for a Financial Blessing for my mother and my family. She is in dire need of a financial breakthrough during this financial hardship she is dealing with right now. She is in need for you to bless her in a way to provide for her family financially and continue to help her through this struggle. I want thank you again for our many blessing you have already bestowed upon me and my family. I ask for you continue strengthen our faith. Please forgive us for all of our sins. I do not want to trouble you for unnecessary things, but for blessing to provide for my mother, and our family, this I ask in Jesus, Holy Name. Amen.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning

    My prayers are with your Mom

    And you this morning

    Please go to church each Sunday

    The Lord knows he will get you thru

    This Your Mom is a wonderful


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