Financial Blessing for An Amazing Elementary School!

by Serenity (Maine)

Dear Lord, I am asking for a miracle. One of the schools I work at is in need of major renovations. We tried to get funding a couple years ago but selfish taxpayers voted it down. Our school is overcrowded, the roofs leak badly, floors are coming up. Two of our regular classrooms are out in trailers! Our gym is in a separate building that is a long walk away from the main building, requiring the teachers to walk in bad weather often. Other classrooms are also in trailers.

We are an elementary school of over 300 great students and over 30 devoted educators. We deserve a new school and should have had one by now if it weren’t for selfish taxpayers in the other towns in our district.

I ask for your prayers that we are granted a financial miracle. It is a costly thing – probably around $15-18 million. But our students and community deserves it. We came so close to it before, I pray that it finally happens. I pray that by December we will be blessed with the money we need to renovate/rebuild our school and that we can begin rebuilding by this time next year.

Thank you and God Bless!!!