Financial Blessing and Protection

by Valerie (Kingston, Jamaica)

Please agree with me in prayer that God would supply our daily needs and that our faith may be strengthened to know that God is always present and the supplier of all good things. Please pray that God would open a way very soon for me, my friend, my mother and sister to obtain an uncommon financial blessing so that we may never be in need, and will have more than enough left over to be of meaningful assistance to others.

Please pray that God would bless every area of our lives so that we all might be a beacon for Him, and give Him all the Glory and Praise, and heal us from the crown of our heads to the sole of our feet. Please also pray that God would guide and protect us for all forms of evil or negative influences and for us to live a long, contented, happy and fulfilled life. These I ask in the loving name of Jesus Christ. Amen.