Financial Blessing and Physical Health especially Gums and jaw bone restored

by Marion (Springfield, Va)

Dear God, I adore you and worship you. Please forgive me. Holy Spirit help me not to sin. Dear God you know my sins, I’m sorry. Thank you for carrying me at times and caring for me.

I need you Lord, I need you so. Open the doors for the right Church family. The right medical coverage. Eye doctors (lazer if possible) or provide money for the right glasses. Dentists ( definitely believing my gums and jaw bones are healing ) need to take care of my gums and teeth. Finances for brushes, toothpastes, mouthwash and mini brushes. General doctors for all other ( skin to heal) podiatrist ( foot to heal) bunions and hammer toes. Diet ( money to eat healthy ), the right exercise class and a place to swim.
Pass my recertification exams (first the right place to study – library) right now at the college. Practice phlebotomy
And vital signs. Update resume, provide references. Provide the miracle job. Provide the miracle car, provide the money to clear up all my debt which is under $10,000. Provide the finances to tithe and to save.
Restore my relationships. Help me to write letters to the people I may have offended. Amanda, Paul, Diana, Celia, Becca, Genny.
Lord send the Holy Spirit to Becca ( and Colette) this situation is not easy for me. Show Genny if Brian is your will for her, if not bring into her life what is best for her. Protect Katie and all the children. Celia and Steve, Kevin, Sean and Stephen. Val and Bob, Teri and Wayne and Anya, Diane and Bill ( and his surgery coming up) Amanda, Megan, Christopher. Diana and Paul

Holy Spirit you know. Amen

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