Financial assistance for needed car repair

by Catherine ()

I am in serious need of car repair. I am retired and receive SSA Disability as my only income and my monthly costs generally exceed my monthly income. I have very little savings and every time I try to put a little money aside, something goes wrong and eats it up. I just make it from month to month with bills, mortgafe, utilities, medical costs, food, personal necessities and have to make decisions between getting food or meds refilled or car repaired or whatever. I have a 2001 Buick. In order to pass inspection I need to get the brake line, calipers and bleed screws replaced as well as a tie rod. Garage estimates $1200 for this repair. I do not have it and I need my car to get to stores and go to doctors’ appointments. Not even mentioning other normal things most people do, like visit with friends or family. Especially as family members live an hour or more away and I can’t afford the gas. Because I live on such a tight financial string, my credit isn’t the greatest so getting a commercial loan for this is unlikely. My brother lent me the money to buy this car when my previous car died. And I’m still paying him off. My sisters have frequently lent me money to help me through tough times as well. I can’t go to them for $1200. I could get maybe $200 together by really scrimping, but nowhere close to $1200. I truly believe in and trust God and only through His help have I survived this long but I just don’t know where He will help me to get the money for this much needed repair. However, I do pray and I ask your prayers as well because I believe in the power of prayer. I have two mottos I live by – “Fully Rely On God (FROG)” and “God’s path, just Follow”. So I am doing that now and praying that when the mechanic I go to comes back from vacation in two weeks, I will have the money to get my car fixed. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen. Thank you for your support and God bless you!

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