Financial Assistance and Guidance

by Chris (Philippines)

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I want to thank you for all the blessings you’ve given me despite of my sins You continuously bless me and my family. My God because of my wrong decisions and impulsive attitude I’m drowning with debts right now. I ask your guidance please help me pay my debts I’m asking for a miracle financial miracle from you. I believe that in you nothing is impossible. Please have mercy on me and to my family. I want to pay all my creditors so that I may be a miracle to them so as to other people that already affected with my problems. God please help me to help myself not to sin no more. Please take me away from earthly vices. I want to focus on my career and family I’m very much affected with my present financial problems please have mercy on me… My God if possible and if you will it make me an instrument to others to be a blessing and a miracle to them… All of this I ask in Jesus name… AMEN.

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