Financial and Employment Blessing

by Leslie (Raleigh, NC)

Dear Father,

I come to you with a distressed and heavily burdened heart. My finances have suffered severely over the past year and I have sought additional employment to no avail. I feel I am at my lowest right now emotionally and financially. I am a single mother of 5 daughters, two of which are adults now and both are expecting, and I can’t do anything to assist either one. I still have 3 younger daughters at home who I feel I haven’t been the best mother I can be to them because of my financial situation. Christmas is coming and even though they tell me that they understand we will not be celebrating this year, I can’t help but feel extremely bad for not being able to at least do a little something for them. Father, I come to you today to ask for your blessings in securing a better job so that I can get myself out of the financial hole that I find myself falling into. My bills are behind and I’ve just recently had my water turned off.

My children are suffering because of me. If you were to bless me with this job, I would be able to at least get caught up on the bills and that would take care of the financial part. I come to you because you have not forsaken me yet, my heart is heavy and I feel broken. I need your help. In the name of the son I pray. AMEN.