by Megenia (LA)

I pray I don’t lose my home, property’s Conrad let me make monthly payments on my property’s taxes. I’m praying I don’t lose my property. Mrs. Cynthia help me that my property dosen’t be sold. I pray my fiancé Eugene is total faithfully committed to me loving and trusting me only always there for me unconditionally without any hesitation with God blessings. This Year I wind a windmill of wealth pulling me out all deaths God Blessing. My son Leland myself has a long health life free from all deadly diseases cancer etc. Doesn’t get into trouble with the law are anyone Leland keep safe know one bring harm to Leland safe driving stop smoking etc, Leland finds a good paying job with benefits. My daycare prosper full to capacity one child drop two enroll I’m bless with prosperity wealth follows me. Parents enrolling children approved already for childcare assistance. My daycare earning $3000 weekly paying ASAP!! Paying daycare expenses on time employees etc. My daycare is never shut down employees are loyal to me coming to work on time loving there job. No one bring me to court for anything. Evil nativity put against myself daycare be remover forever never to return. I pray that the boils on my legs go away my legs and my tail bone heals continue to lose weight.
God Bless

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