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Hi. I’m a person who has gone to college to get my bachelors, and now I want to do some more continued studies in college. I’ve applied for it to and I will begin the continued studies later on in this fall, this year if I get accepted. I live at home with my family now and I wanted to also tell that I got in a argument the other day with someone in my family. It was a argument I had, with one of my older siblings (my older sister). It and along with other things that has happened, made it more clear to me that I might need to move out when i’m going to begin studying. I don’t have a lot of money since I haven’t been working a lot recently, and I will probably have to take out a student loan if i’m going to do it. I will have to take out a student loan, since i’m going to be the one that supports me during the education. Can you please pray for the financial situation and that I will be able to make it, and i won’t have a huge debt in the end of it? I don’t know if I’ll be able to take a part time job, while i’m studying either because it’s studies that I will be doing on full time. I would really appreciate if you would pray for me, about it even if I don’t know yet if I’ll get in to education. Love Andrea.

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