Finance Insecurity

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I recently relocated to Alabama, from California. Previous to this major life change I had several back procedures that are considered to be minor procedures that return us to a normal level of activity. Unfortunately, I do not heal as fast as others. My life has been affected by this, in every way possible. From work, to activity, to reaching goals I set for myself and I typically feel it would be easy to bounce back from this, but it is a chronic medical problem so it is something I have to contend with almost every year give or take and the problem limits and restricts every aspect of my life for at least six months. I am struggling emotionally with the insecurity of not being self reliant, and overall not generating an income. I am so limited on what I can physically due, mainly due to the fact there is no way to actually determine what causes the pain one day and what I can do the next. I’ve worked hard to set a few goals and I feel like as my bank account goes backwards so are my goals. I am not asking for prayer for money, but I would ask for healing, the ability to once again generate my own income through work and mostly to be able to maintain a healthy head space with a peaceful spirit as I face this inner turmoil of feeling useless. Thank you for praying for me, it is appreciated.

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