Finance and health

by Angie ()

I have a couple of prayers for my partner and I and my children
Those are the new prayers along with current ones which still believing

1) for Renee her new relationship ( Lee) for her housing transfer to to grated and give all the support she needs to get a new home and not b left homeless with the kids and not waiting money on hotels
2) bronny fine to have favor and b withdraw for the lawyer to have success in her application
3) Tyler apprenticeship and job to have favor and b complete and Peter to reimburse his school fees as he said
4) for mine and Spiro relationships and for favor over our Nab account and taxes on this
5) rest of Renee fines to have favor and b withdraw
Thanku in Jesus name
1) I pray for my enemies for all the family , friends and people I’ve had conflict, disagreement or I have wrong I pray for forgiveness as I forgive them for there wrong and as Jesus asked me to pray for them and blessed
2) to save for a block of land as debt free as possible to continue to provide all that us needed for this to happen
3) for my son Zach to b accept at spring side west with his brother with out address issues
3) my daughter bronny to put more effort in to her school to pass her schooling and get a job in child care
4) for the rest of my children a good future health and providing for all there needs
5) for there eternal life’s and for the kids and my partner to b in relationship with god
6) for my daughter Renee to receive her appointment to b able to book and pass her license as thus prayer would mean a lot to to b answered and solve many issues along with no more driving or any other offending
In Jesus name
God bless
Kind regards Angie

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