finacial increase and a career

by Suementa (Bequia,ST.Vincent And The Grenadines)

please pray for my finances, I have debts to pay and already low on money I just received my salary for this month and I only have 154 dollars remaining on my account. I tried saving something but cant because of all the debts I have. I have to pay a company 500dollars every month for materials I have credited for the construction of our home and I could not give no money this end of month because my salary had been cut short because of the slow season ,I have electricity bill to pay and also my cable bill and didn’t have enough money left back to pay them because by the time I finished making groceries my money was done. For years I have been struggling with my finances I sow seed in church and also pay my tithes but still struggling and still cant save anything. Please pray for my finances that god will bless my finances and that if there is some sort of financial spirit behind this that god almighty will release my finances from such hindering spirits right now. please pray that my husband will send home some money next week so I can pay my debts in full and still have a surplus that I can save. please pray for me that I can get the help I need to further my studies in the field(spa therapist) I am practicing at the hotel I work, pray that I can improve in my skills and advance my knowledge in the field. pray for the work men that are going to work on ur house today that god have fully prepared them for work and that they do their job well with out any mistakes, pray that god will guide their steps of what to do and what not to do, so that when our home is completed it will be in quality condition. pray that every material used to construct our house is blessed and consecrated by almighty god, let every material be touched by the supernatural hands of our lord Jesus Christ and d be blessed, pray that every thing goes smoothly in Jesus name. Amen . thank you for your prayers