Finacal prayer request and break through from debts

by Brenda (Uganda)

hello ,

i have been having finacial problems since day on in junary. i have been in and out of debt. i have not been able to pay my rent for the last five month and right now i dont know how long i can keep on with this heavey bag of debt. i can’t sleep right, my husband hasn’t got a job the little i get it what we share.
am parzzeled i dont know who to turn to but God.
please pray for me as i also pray that we may open up a business that will help me pay up all the debts and so well can also improve on our welfare.
God should hear me out and next year we start buliding our house, this year we open up abusiness that will keep my husban ocupied .
please use those prayer weapons that those befoe us used and are still using.
fast with me every monday, thursday and saturday.
i will be up every night at 3:00 pm African time with effect from 22nd for the next to weeks seeking the face of God.
may God bless you who will step in in sprit for my me and my husband.