Feeling worthless and broken. Please pray with me.

by Leticia ()

On April 23, I lost my job of 7 years. I didn’t get paid a lot of money, yet, it was a job, a job that allowed me to pay my bills and get most of the things that I needed for everyday living expenses.

More than anything, I’ve been struggling with my job loss and have fallen into depression.
I cry everyday. From the moment that I wake up and till I fall asleep.

Along with the struggles of not having a job and begging creditors, phone company, gas & light company, car lender, insurance companies, etc, to give me extensions to pay them and not knowing how i’m gonna make it without losing everything, I’m also dealing with the infidelity and deceit of a man whom I’ve been dating for almost two years now.

I love him so much and I’ve been trying to believe in him and take his word that things will change, yet things are still the same.
With the relationship issues added, It almost seems unbearable.

I don’t eat much, I don’t talk much and I don’t do anything but lay around all day, crying and hurt and feeling like I’m worthless and like I just want to give up.

These things have truly halted my life and damaged my spirit to the core.

I don’t understand why so many things are going wrong in my life right now and why I’m here.
for the past two and a half years, I’ve been hurt by so many events, losing my dad to pancreatic cancer swiftly, me almost losing my life to pulmonary embolism, my relationship crumbling and me losing my job.

I haven’t had a break and I haven’t been the same since me losing my dad.

Please help me to pray for better circumstances and uplifting and honest relationships in my life.
I need a job more than anything, I just pray that I make it through this without losing what I have worked so hard for.

I feel so broken. Please help me pray.

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  1. Keep the faith

    Do not be discouraged, God is with you, he hears your cries and will answer your prayers. I declare that you are a conqueror and what you have lost God will restore in abundance. Keep the faith, keep applying for jobs the right one will come along. I pray for restoration of your faith and that your testimony will be a breakthrough for so many others. God bless xx

  2. Faith

    Good morning Leticia
    You are a good person
    I pray for you this morning
    I have made mistakes sometimes I feel
    Overwhelmed this morning when you wake up
    Look over your shoulder say Jesus I am putting
    My problems on your shoulder and I am
    Going forward today and make the best of it
    Do this each day if you have to He will
    Hear please go to church each Sunday
    Whether you feel like it or not if the situation
    Arises that you have a call to volunteer
    In church ministry do it do not be afraid
    You will make wonderful new friends

  3. Stay Strong

    I`m sorry for your loss. I too am in somewhat the same situation your in. I lost my job of 13 yrs on June 27. While I am receiving severance it is not enough because there is just too many expenses. I cry & pray every night that God will see me & my daughter through and he will bless me with another job that was just as good & paying well as my first. My finances are out of control because I didn’t think about “life after “. Get rid of that man because if he truly loved you he would’ve never cheated on you. You have to stay strong and continue to pray just like I’m doing everyday! I feel like giving up at times too but my faith in God keeps me strong. He knows our situations and problems and promises to provide all our “needs”. Remember to “Worry about nothing, pray about everything”. I will continue to pray for me ,you and everyone else who wrote a prayer on this site. God’s got a plan for all of us.

  4. Prayer Changes things

    I was feeling worthless everyday. I married my husband 2 1/2 years ago. We both had jobs and were living with his mother and sister. I had been on my job for 3 years and lost my job my husband also lost his. I had to leave their house and my husband and I live seperatly because I’m still mot working. I apply for jobs everyday and I’ve niw been off 1 year. I like giving up all the time. I pray all day and I know Hid will bless me and my husband to be in our on place and bless me with a job. It’s a challenge talking to my husband and not being with him. Life is wearing me down. God will sustain me.

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