Feeling pretty low

by Carol (Canada)

Please God see me at my hour of need. I have done much wrong and now I am trying very hard to get back on track. Please put my mistakes behind me and let my sins be forgiven. I need much financial help at this time. I know you work on your time but please help me. I realize you have been there for me for my many, many blessings but I pray to you and the angels around me to hear my cry for help. I need piece of mind and financial help.

I love you God and I pray to you. Your words of “you that earnestly repent and heartily sorrow for my misdoings ring loudly in my ears…as do the words of…’come to me all that are laboured and heavy laden and I will refresh you. I am understanding your words more and more God and I love you for this. Please hear me now Lord Jesus.

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