Feeling crushed

by Sandra (Uk)

I have argued with my husband over a dog that I have rehomed, cared for and taught basic commands & given him a new safe environment. However my husband is hostile towards this dog continuously so much so that he has turned this dog into a fearful barking growling creature at the mere sight of my husband a stand off between them which I am extremely worried about. He makes no apology for this only that he feels he will mot be dominated in his house by a dog etc We had a huge row and I feel crushed by my husbands lack of tenderness or even to say a good word about him to me. He just stares with hatred in his eyes never moving just standing there. He never touches the dog or speaks to him. I have done so much for this animal that my husband is jealous of my affections towards the dog. I am so sad and crushed by today. I feel there is no hope unless my husband makes a huge effort on his part to rectify the damage he’s done. he puts the blame on me saying my dog is out of control but I explain he is only reacting to him like that out of fear. I told me husband over and over again how evil he was. Just plain evil which the dog was responding to. My husband I thinks wants a divorce after 21yrs. I,can’t live like this either. I have a big heart when it comes to animals but he only sees the negative.

I need to find strength & courage to go on. It’s really difficult when there is no support there. I’m sick of it of the fighting and battle between my husbands verbal and caring for the dog.

Please pray for a resolution to my troubles. I need God to give my husband a new heart made if flesh not stone rather than foaming at the mouth spuing insults & hatred at me. I have need for your prayers.

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