Feeding spirits with positive energy of abundance in wealth, health, kindness, healing.

by Lametra (Grand Prairie, Tx)

Dear God, infuse me with the wisdom to touch hearts with your words that will inspire hope, faith and kindness in others. Let my platform always be positive and let my viewers grow to millions. Let my mission be successful, prosperous and protecTed by you that I may continue to be a blessing to my family and community. Heal us in our body, mind, soul and spirit. Open the doors that you have for me and my daughters, mom, family. Surround us with the people that you have appointed for our prosperity in this journey and protect our going out and coming in, our homes, transportation that it is safe. My hope & trust is in you. Help us Rise in your victory in your peace, kindness, love, understanding, gentleness, in our careers, business all things are possible with you. Thank you for grace, mercy, peace, decisions, better choices. I pray this for our world and appointed leaders. Amen.