Featured Prayer Request: Release Me From Alcoholism

by Debbie ()

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I’ve been a binge drinker for a few years. This time I missed a week of work and have hurt my family greatly with worry. 2 of my kids want nothing to do with me and they’re keeping my grandkids from me.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    keep fighting

    I have a drug problem and resently left home for a month, i suffered with this on and off for the last 1413 years, i hurt my whole family, husband, 6 kids, sometimes we have to just forgive yourself, and love ourselves, at least thats what they always tell me, how? I am not sure but i know God didnt just create us to be a drunk and a junkie so just keep praying maybe thats all we can do have faith and keep our hands out of it, GoodLuck, and dont ever give up!


  2. Resa says:
    Prayers for You and Yours

    Debbie, I pray deeply for you to find healing and get some help in order to get control of your life. It is good that you see there are some problems. It is also hard work to overcome drinking. I have seen it all around me.

    May God give you the strength to overcome your addiction and that you meet someone who will help you to a new journey.

    (There are also AA online groups for you too)


  3. Melissa K Rodriguez says:
    May god set you free from the drinking.

    May God give you strength and your family

  4. Shelly says:
    Turn it over

    Alcoholism is an ugly disease. It takes every good thing out of your life. You have to turn it over to Jesus, Debbie. It’s the only way. Find a good spiritual church. Wrap yourself around good caring people. Hit your knees and accept Jesus into your life. He will save you from this debilitating disease. Stay strong Debbie. You can do this in the end,it is so worth it. God bless.

  5. Anonymous says:
    Lean on Jesus

    When depression and the desire to drink comes over you say a prayer for strength and wisdom. God will bring you out and bring your family back. Blessings to u.

  6. Anonymous says:
    we are for you.

    I will pray. Sounds as though you need support.

  7. Anonymous says:
    we are for you.

    I will pray. Sounds as though you need support.

  8. Anonymous says:
    we are for you.

    I will pray. Sounds as though you need support.

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