Featured Prayer: Lord please bring back her love

by Paul D (New Jersey)

featured prayer
Oh Lord, I still love her very much. Even though she might be with another man my heart still beats for her and her only. This is a five year relationship. Months ago she told me she stopped loving me so I tried hard to bring the romance back but only for her after few months of disappearing to try to be with me with little effort on her part to bring back the love.

Now she bought a house with her sister, which was supposed to be ours to raise a family, and now is living with a man who works near her and used to be my old job. I devoted so much time with her and turned into a successful independent woman. Now I’m left so broken, Lord. My heart is still so sure for her. I pray for everyday for her return so we can move on with our lives together. Almighty God please show why she fell in love with me in the first place. Bringing her into my life is greatest gift ever. Amen