Featured Prayer: For JJ

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I would like to request prayer for my son JJ who I feel strongly developed a drinking problem while in college.

He realizes he doesn’t want any more trouble in his life with the law. But I’m afraid he is not strong enough to resist the temptations around him. He needs to find our precious Lord and get on the right path. To find a better job, perhaps a positive relationship in someone who will help him see there can be good times without the drinking.

He has come to rely on the advise of friends who, when in trouble, are not around to help him out. I ask for prayer to save my son, to have him turn his life around. Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, send JJ a spiritual awakening and save him from any more trouble.


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  1. Featured Prayer: For JJ

    Please continue to pray for my son JJ. From the bottom of my heart I hold my faith in our Lord that he will hear us when we pray in numbers. God Bless you all.

  2. Ill pray for your son jj

    I wholeheartedly pray for your son to find a better outlet than drinking. It caused a lot of problems in my life too and once I realized who my real friends were and finally stopped drinking my quality of life got so much better. I hope ur son finds his way and he should be greatfull that he has a parent that cares so much. I will keep u in my prayers

  3. Prayers and peace

    I will be praying for your son. Having suffered with alcoholics my whole life, I must tell you recently I started attending alanon and it has been a truly wonderful program. It has brought me so much peace. I highly recommend it for anyone with alcoholics who they love!

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