Fear and Worry

by Prayers Admin ()

I am asking for prayer for my 8 year old niece that has lived with me all of her life. Now that she is bigger her mother is trying to take her away from me so that she can help babysit her little sibling. My niece tears up every time she has to go because her mom also leaves them at home all night with a 14 year old brother while she works anywhere from 15 to 16 hours. I am so afraid for them to be there all night by themselves. The mom is being a bully to her daughter, and she does not feel loved or welcome there. The mom lacks any type of parenting skills and allows the 14 year old to run the house. I worry about her safety there as well as the fact that the 14 year old drives the car with no license or anything. I pray for her safety, for her to continue to live with me and for her to be able to attend her current school where she makes straight A’s, but this is not mentioned or recognized by her mom. Her mom, is a big bully to her and she is afraid of her. Please pray for me as while, because I am struggling and hurt right now also. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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