Favor, miracles, waymaking

by Andrea scipio ()

I really don’t know how to put this. But I’ve been homeless since 2015 and I need a new car but I don’t have the credit , money and in debt, or make enough to get a nice car, every job I get and love it I lose it not because of me its because of car or other things I can’t control… in need a car like right now, my car put me down and cause me to lose my job I liked which was working in childcare teaching children and also I can’t take better of myself even if I tried because of no money everytime I tried to do for myself it crumbles even planning. I have dark circles under my eyes and which I’ve never had and cant get rid of them and it messes with my appearance my self esteem and I have bags under my eyes which I cant get rid of them no matter what tried to use to do so I need a miracle…I can’t not get ahead…tired of being homeless…cant get my own place of living, I feel as there is no God and tired of hearing the saying don’t give up but when I don’t give up I don’t see nothing good happening for me and or what I’m praying for. I have a friend said I can move to Colorado so I can do better because here in south Carolina I am not getting anywhere and this been going on for years too long. My question is do God loves me and or Is there really a God??!?..how can I help others and need help. I’m just so tired of being in this situation please pray

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