Father you are the healer counselor and the almighty God!

by Adriana (Trenton,NJ, US)

Father, it has been six months since my last confession. I pray on my knees that you will heal me of this aching feeling in my heart. I love you father. I have a need so great that Only you could bless me with. I love you Lord and I know that all things are possible with you. It is almost Christmas and my mother is not here to protect my emotions from getting hurt. God there is only the goodness of your angels that will benefit me from being hurt. Father God please fix this pain from ever penetrating my body. I love you Lord , but I am in great need of your comfort and peace. Father their is no one like you. I pray that you will see the need in my life and provide your healing touch to penetrate in my life. I’m not well Lord. I felt my world come to an end once my mother has pass away, but it seems that people do not sympathize with me. Lord she was the only way that everything made so much sense. People don’t know that she was very special to me, in more ways than one. God have mercy on me this holiday. Let your light shine within me. Let me forgive whoever that I need to forgive and give me the courage to press on in positive. Please help me to move on in a bold way giving my heart to who you put in my life, rather than giving my heart to someone that does not deserve it. Don’t let me look for trouble, and help me make wiser decisions this year. Amen