Father protect me from my Evil family

by Michelle (London)

Dear Father in heaven, please help me to forgive the evil things my family has done to me. I am drained from jealousy, hatred and vicious lies made against me to cover up their evil doings. My mother and siblings have hurt me for years, I have now cut them out of my life but still I am contacted via social media and harrassed, false allegations and more. I have only given them love and shown them a kind heart for years and years. Let their evil doings come to light, let them be ashamed and apologise for the years of hell they have put me through. I come to you as a humble sinner, who has done my best to be a good servant of yours in this world, and ask desperately for your help. I have prayed 1000 times or more and still no results, how much more can one bare. I have faith that you will answer my prayer and do something to rid me of this terror, pain and suffering. How long will you allow these evil, jealous people to continue their works as they pose as do gooders to all around, when will you expose them for who they really are? How much more do you think I can take. I lost the laughter in my soul and want to gain in back. This prayer is sealed in Jesus name who you said died to save us. AMEN. Thank you for hearing my prayer Father God.

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