Father please return my husband

by Angeka (Cleveland , Ga)

Oh I’ve been praying so hard tonight for my husbands heart and mind to be renewed through the lord , for my husbands mind and heart to be healed from the past and returned home to me in the morning… I’ve prayed everyday since he had left and ask tonight for a million prayers for my husband and I , he lives in the past , and is surrounded by people that are not encouraging this marriage or his return , tonight im asking millions of gods prayer warriors to pray for me and my husband , total healing in our marriage , for hurts healed , anger gone , my husbands mind and ears closed to sin. I will prsy until he is returned home and never stop praising God for his part in restoring this marriage , we are seperated and have been fir couple years please pray for my husbands return home for complete restoration in our marriage tonight , please pray for us, Jesus is the healer, my savior , my prayers are in the thousands along with my tears, heal this marriage lord , bring him home

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  1. I am praying for the you & your husband

    I will say prayers for you tonight I hope you reach your 1 million mark I hope that you & your husband resolve your marriage for the way God sees it should be. Bless your both!

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