Father, Please pull up you son back to normal.

by Jeevan (India)

Dear God,

Firstly, i would like to thank you from my heart for giving me this life.
But today i am on my knees and speaking my heart out in the form of prayer. Being from lower middle class family i had nothing to worry much about in my past, but today i am away from my family and all alone here and finding it very difficult to survive the basic daily needs. I am unemployed from last 1 and half years, tried a lot but all were under payed and even faced with a situation where i have worked for full month but no pay was provided, which caused me alot in my daily life…. Father please help me out and pull me up from this situation. I could not save enough amount till now.
I simply have one simple motive to open my own business and hire people where they will be provided output as per their capability and what actually they deserve, so no other could face the problem which i have faced. Father please guide me the way from which i could get the start up of my business.
I just want to spend a simple life where i must be able to help some one if they need. Please help me father.

I believe in you with my soul and pure heart.
Thank you father.

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