Father, please deliver the financial miracle I so urgently need

by Kenneth (Ontario, Canada)

Father, I know you have forgiven me for my foolish stewardship with my finances and I thank you SO much for leading my mind and heart back to a wise and righteous path. I again, and it seems minute-by-minute, in as many opportunities that I find, want to declare that I hand over my financial burdens to you and trust you with them. The anxiety, stress, and fear has become too much for me and I am literally at a point where nothing I can do on my own will be enough soon enough. I have never before, in my life been in such a place of financial desperation. Please intervene, Father. If a miracle is necessary, please enact one in my life. Father, please in Jesus name, take these burdens from me, walk away with them, and do with the situation what you will so that I may be at peace, remain focused on how you have blessed me, and clearly hear you as you direct and guide me. Father, in Jesus great name, may only your will be done with my finances, with my career, with my marriage, and in all aspects of my life. Father, at this moment, I again declare that until you call me to act not out of desperation, but within your will and guidance, my hands are lifted off of the situation and I shall trust that you have taken it and are handling the details for me. May only your perfect will be done, Father. Thank you for being here for me to come to like this. I am ashamed, embarrassed, and scared, but I know that I can trust you and let it go to you now. As you directed me earlier today, I will tend to the priorities on my plate and not act on anything else in desperation to achieve what only a miracle from you can fix. I trust you for the miracle and, dare I say, expect it. I love you God. In Jesus name, amen!

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