father please create amiracle in my life

by M.S (Brooklyn)

Father I am going through a lot in my life, and I understand that you placed these trials in my life for a reason. Father you promised me that whatever I go through you will be there for me and NEVER turn your back on me, You promised me that whatever I ask you will hear me, so Father today I ask that you continue to hold me guide me and create a miracle in my life. Father in the situation of J.M and G.P I ask that you work on them, separate them father. I’m asking you for this not for their hurt, but because I know it will really bother me. Father he left me for her and I’m not going to lie I’m embarrassed and hurt by this situation, please remove this hurt, lift it off of me, please fix this for me, I need this. Father please create a miracle and help mine and G.P’s relationship to work again he is my sons father and I want to be able to communicate with him and be friends again, I miss him Father. Please create this miracle for me please hear my prayer and work this situation to work in my favor, please create this miracle soon. Thank you father for listening to me, and thank you Father for working on them and fixing all of this for me, in the name of Jesus and through Jesus’ blood I pray to you. Thank you Father you have heard my prayer you have created that miracle for me Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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