Father in Heaven! I come to you humble and with an open heart

Dear Father in Heaven! I come to you humble and with an open heart. I am having trouble in my family. My brother feels like he cant go anywhere and that he has to stay in a relationship that is not good for him. He is full of heart ache and pain and he really needs to know that you are there for him no matter what. God I pray that you protect baby brother from all hurt, harm, and danger. Whatever the enemy may try to do to harm him and make his life depressing, I rebuke in the name of Jesus. Please God do not let any more harm come towards my brother. I pray you give my brother the strength he needs and the strength that he is looking for.

God I pray that you help my mom not worry about so much. Help her God to know to seek you in time of trouble. I pray you help her to be strong. I pray that you heal any sickness in her body. I pray that you give her energy. I pray that you bless her with a job that will be both financially good and good on her body. Please protect my mom from her enemies, including her family and those close to her and the people she works with on her job. I pray that you are always with my mom. I pray you continue to let my mom know how much I love her.

I ask that you keep me and my husband in your prayers. Thank you God for blessing him with a job and God I pray that you continue to bless him with even better jobs that will bless him financially and not be too hard on his body.

Also, please look down on my other brother help him to be a better person, a better son, a better brother, and a better father. Help him God to seek you and to be in you before its too late.
Please protect my family from all hurt, harm, and danger. I know you can and I know you will.

Please continue to bless my marriage and to help us continue to seek you and be in you. Helps us to buy a nice house one day. Bless us to have children one day. I put all my trust into you! Help me not worry about my problems and the problems of my family because I have given all of my worries to you. I love you Lord and I cant live this life without you!

In Jesus name I pray,