Father I ask that you guide them and call them unto you

by DG (In Texas)

Dear Lord, first I want to thank you for the prayers that have been answered and your abundant blessings that you have given me. You know my heart Lord. I want all my children to be successful and make the right choices in life. I ask that you guide them and call them unto you. I am particularly concerned about my middle son. He is 27 and hasn’t dated much. He wants to find a nice Christian girl and settle down. Most women that he has met just can’t see what a good young man he is. They prefer the wild and rude guys instead of a level headed “good” guy. I believe you have a plan for him and I am probably stressing over nothing. But I still believe that prayer is good. You know his heart and desires dear Lord. Please do not let him get desperate along the way and think he has to choose someone that is not your plan for him. In Jesus name I pray amem

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