Father I ask of You

by Wendy ()

Grant me according to thy Word the desires of my heart. You alone O’Lord know all the desires I have, for You are the one who gave them to me. Father, in Jesus name I ask for financial provision, above and beyond all I could ever think or imagine, yes, Father, the windows of heaven opening up, as You said You would do. You have cattle on a thousand hills, all things belong to You, for You created all things. My greatest desire is to do all that You created me to do and my humblest hope is to one day hear You laugh, See Your Smile, and to know that You are Pleased. I do ask of You, to grant my petitions speedily, send now prosperity, take this life that You have given me to be a Blessing to You, Father, You are my all in all, You my greatest Blessing, Father, in my eyes, You are an Army All By Yourself, nothing is impossible for You. Abba, I celebrate within me, You!! I love You because You first loved me, You have Given me Your ALL JESUS! You Rock My World Abba, in Jesus name is where I am found, may it please You to answer my prayer with great haste and tarry not. I love you so, my dear Abba, Amen.

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