Father, I am your child

(611 civic center st Richmond California 94804)

Father I am your child:

Thank you oh Lord

I am your child Bless my Mother,and brothers and sisters all over the world .

Thank you for all you give me without a flinch.

Thank you for the strangers that I meet.

Thank you for the Angels by our side to keep

Thank you for your love and kindness that shelter us from hurt and pain.

Thank you for the friends that care since you send them from everyweare

Thank you for the Angels that are by our side to guide.

Thank you I am your child Oh Lord Thank you.

Father I feel so alone and I know its my time to learn and grow.

You ask that we confied in you but the guilt and shame wont let me .

Thank you for your very best ask and seek and our desire will be met if it be for our good you say .
so Im here with the world’s problem at my feet and in your response all I
can say I Love you .forgive us, help us, save us and the planet .
I lift our world to you Oh Lord “father I am your child! I need you .

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