Father hear and please answer my prayer

by Antionnette (Philadelphia, Pa)

Father I come to you , I ask that you pull my family together as one father , Father I asked that you direct my childrens father back to me and my children as a good loving father, Father God I ask that you remove all the hurt I’ve been feeling lately , I asked that you help me and my children father be a family and show our children that there is a better way to life father, Father I know you have said if u pray then I shall receive , if I pray then I shall not worry anymore…Father I just want to thank you for all you done for me and my children and for bringing us a long way..Father I asked that u show my kids dad that there is more to being a parent then just being, around sometimes..Father I ask that u hear my cry father that u bring him back to me as a loving faithful man father..I know it’s not going to happen over night but anything can be possible as long as I just trust n believe ..father these feelings for my kids dad are getting stronger n stronger each day ..I don’t know if that’s your way of telling.me something but only you know what’s best…Father I leave this prayer in your hands and I ask in Jesus name that your will , will be done…I asked that u lay hands on my kids dad and push him back to us as a family remove all negative ppl n things around.him bring him back to me Lord…Amen