Father God, Please Turn my Husband’s Heart of Stone towards Me, back to a Heart of Love

by Jane ()

Father God, I read the prayer by ‘Anonymoussays: June 19, 2017 at 12:00 and My husband My best friend.’ I pray they are now happily man and wife together as it should be. It sounds the same as my situation. I held onto bitterness and anger too long for an affair that started even before we married and only stopped because I caught them end November 2016. I would sometimes have a really horrid go at him when I’d had a drink and when my Mom passed March 2020 with Covid-19 I thought, Father God I’d finally decided it was time to move forward with my darling Husband and be happy but I had one last go at him and although we still live together until ‘things are sorted’ financially, he’s made it clear he doesn’t want me. He’s not slept with me since start June 2020 and I hate going to bed without him – hearing the latch drop on ‘his’ bedroom door each night tears at my heart. I don’t know why as a Christian, it took me so long to heal but I’ve read many of your scriptures on Marriage since and I will do every week if you will perform what seems the impossible on my Husband’s heart and make it possible that he will love me again. We married for Better or Worse and we’ve seen the worst of each other so please allow us to see the best of each other. I am truly sorry and feel what I did was worse than what he and the OW did. I am not a J/Witness but I use your name Jehova as it should be because I want to be as close to you as possible. Please draw my Husband close to you. Touch his heart, touch his mind and let us see each other’s worth in this marriage. I promise I’ve let go of the past now and left it where it should be. Please Father God, my Husband is the only man I want to lay with, I waited until 42 to marry for a reason, so I beg and pray like nothing I’ve prayed for myself before, restore our marriage in your Glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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