Father God, I have been single for over 14 years

by Tina (North Carolina)

Father God, I have been single for over 14 years. It was my choosing, my heart has healed and I fell in love with him. I believe I have met my soul mate. Father, I fell for him hard and just found out he got offered a job out of state in two weeks. I pray that the job and move are successful for him. I ask you father to please let him put his wall down and allow him to continue to feel for me. He put his wall up and now is avoiding me in fears of breaking his heart and mine. He should know that no matter what this love has started he’s afraid he will miss me. We are in this already where the feelings can’t be ignored so whether he ignores me or not I’m still in his thoughts and heart. He feels that if he leaves without seeing me it will be less painful when he’s gone. I can’t imagine not seeing him anymore but Father I pray that you soften his heart and help him break that wall and let his heart love me until he leaves. Cause Father we are already in this and no matter what we will both be hurt either way. Give us the strength we need to continue this further. Thank You Father God.