Father God I desire peace over this fear

by Margaret (Oregon)

O holy Father fear and anxiety war within me. Age related anxiety, fear of the unknown. Fear of the lessening strength to do. How do I find purpose in my physical limitations. The aloneness that comes with the hearing loss. Not able to do because my body has weakness with pain.

I pray for physical help but none has come… family that could help has their own lives and fears and cannot help with my needs. Lord where does the help come from? Am I wanting more than You want for me? How do I receive Your peace in the midst of my fears and anxiety? Is my help only to be You Lord? I think if I only had Your peace then none of the other would so press me and my anxieties would be at rest.
Please hear my heart’s cry Lord and answer me because of Your unfailingly Love and compassion… for Your glory hear and answer quickly…
Thank you Father God

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