Familyy in need

by Briah Williams ()

I was wondering if you all can pray for my mother and grandmother health, I am 26 with 2 small kids and possibly pregnant now I am seperated from husband been for a year now and all kids is his, i stay with my mother and her health has went down shes currently in the hospital for a heart valve replacement this will be her secound surgery the first was open heart something went wrong during it they had to put a place maker in her she came out of surgery with 2 procedures, her name is shantis…they now have to transfer her to a hosp 30 mins away from home in Richmond va where my grandmother resides in a rehabilitation center grandmother was brought here by my cousin who’s an LPN latarra garlington she lived in Pennsylvania with all my family but she was forced to come with no meds and being treated unfairly and ended up in the mother was suppose to be responsible for her but in the middle of transitioning her here she fell ill….I finally recieved my voucher to move into my own place for section 8 but my credit is low and hard to find a place which I need so that I can move my mom things with me and get my grandmother from Richmond to stay with me until my brother comes down to get her it’s so much on me to handle alone, no family here so really I’m on my own ..I’m unemployed I was a pharmacy tech but since covid I havent been able to work, still applying for unemployment but still havent recieved anything in the last 2 months now ..but I keep applying. My car is behind inspection and need work …..I feel so overwhelmed with everything please please please keep me and my family in prayer

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